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Food machinery in the direction of the development of environmental protection

Source: Time,Time:2015-08-22 16:44:26


In order to promote the healthy development of the convenience food industry, government departments to develop the food industry in 12th Five-Year, clearly mentioned in the plan, the industry will be more varieties, nutrition, high-quality direction. In this regard, in the recently by the Chinese Institute of food science and technology hosted by 2013 13th to facilitate China Congress of food and convenience foods exhibition, experts suggest, by way of scientific and technological innovation for industry of nutrition, high quality road search direction.

In 2013, the convenience food industry also faces many variables, the survival and development of the industry still faces many difficulties, the food safety of the sword of Damocles head. China's convenience food is being market, by the media and consumers gradually cognitive, enterprises are from success and failure in reflection, looking for their own correct and stable development of the road.

With the convenience food industry is the integration of adjustment, convenient food machinery of the competitiveness is more and more big, from the previous price competition gradually evolved into R & D competition, enhance the capability of independent innovation will be to enhance the convenience of an important support for the overall quality of the food machinery.

At present, the convenience food machinery industry in our country is becoming larger and larger, which is decided by the high production efficiency. In order to improve the production efficiency and in the development of labeling machine, including mechanical equipment, not only applied in the food industry, including other design to label products are very make everyone deserves attention topic.

To facilitate the development of the food machinery industry should put more long-term vision, the environmental protection and other factors into its new research and development process. In order to facilitate the development of food machinery, food companies should grasp the standard of various convenient food machinery, production of machinery and equipment to meet the requirements of the food industry.

For Chinese traditional food research and development of special equipment, more environmental protection, energy saving, fine features, especially to the industrialization of Chinese traditional pasta for the goal of independent innovation products, has been shown to industrial upgrading trend of China's equipment manufacturing industry, and dumplings, fried dough sticks tensile equipment will be urgently awaits to crack the industry common topic.

Food machinery in the direction of the development of environmental protection

At present, China's overall economy also to the development of environmental protection, protection of global resources become target of our efforts and resources circulation use for food machinery enterprise efforts direction, to respond positively to the national policy, the food machinery industry of all types of machinery and equipment, all in an effort to save environmental protection development.

In food industry, food machinery plays a very important role in ensuring food safety, human health, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of by-products. However, due to the traditional design methods rarely consider the environmental attributes and food safety attributes, so it will lead to waste of resources, pollution of the ecological environment, the quality and safety of processed food is difficult to be guaranteed, etc.. In the food industry chain, part of the food and packaging machinery of high energy consumption, waste emissions, such as large power motor, drying machines, sterilization machine, waste water treatment equipment, production costs are high and need to carry out energy-saving emission reduction technology and equipment development.

In recent years, the economic operation of the food machinery industry highlights the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry policy oriented, strong anti risk ability of the industry characteristics. China Food Machinery Network invited experts predict that in order to complete the task of energy-saving emission reduction, in the next 5 to 10 years food machinery industry will become our country to promote energy-saving emission reduction an important sector, and its market potential should not be underestimated.

Food machinery in the energy saving and environmental protection has become the main theme of the development of many enterprises, can stand out in many enterprises, to create their own brand needs technology and economic strength. Over the years the pursuit of perfect service, focus on product quality, for the transfer of environmentally friendly economic type of food machinery has been well prepared for the long-term development, and constantly practice, and strive to.

To accelerate the development of energy saving and environmental protection industry, promote industrial upgrading and development mode, and promote energy-saving emission reduction and improve people's livelihood, to achieve sustainable economic development, food machinery industry also needs a force. China Food Machinery Network Xiaobian believe that the sustainable development of the food machinery, is the combination of technology development, product development and environmental protection, to create an environment friendly and resource-saving food industry.


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