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Promotion of pork laser "identity card" will replace the blue

Source: Time,Time:2015-08-22 16:43:04

From animal health supervision was informed that, after the pilot, this year will be in the city to promote the identification of pork laser, the use of laser burning marking technology, so that people can be traced back to the slaughter of live pigs. Management of the slaughter of substandard enterprises, will establish a blacklist system.

According to reports, the traceability system, before playing in the pork blue laser coding will be replaced. Laser coding technology, the use of laser light in the pig skin burn engraved code, with a seal to identify clear, strong security features, etc.. It is reported that are borne by the animal health supervision, investment more than 3100 yuan pork laser burning and carving quarantine identification technology application projects, and has completed a bidding project, technology had been the pilot of pig slaughtering enterprises, will be put into full implementation stage. After the completion of the project, the city's pig slaughtering plant will be fully installed laser burning marking equipment.

In the future, consumers purchase can get a printed with the code of the sale of small ticket, will be above 15 bit code, as pork have identity cards, can be found in "where, where killed. Consumers can in mobile phones, websites and other terminal inquiries at any time.

It is reported that the Ministry of agriculture has been the city's pig laser engraved with the inspection and quarantine identified as available in the country's circulation model.

The other according to city animal health supervision of the disclosure, the city this year to establish a regular admission verification system, each year at least twice to enter the commercial aquaculture production zone, specific verification herds reinforcing bar animal number determine production records the authenticity and accuracy. To establish and perfect the complaint investigation mechanism, of all kinds of clues timely back. In the formulation of the city's slaughter chain management practices on the basis of the failure of the enterprise, to date back to the origin, the establishment of a blacklist system.


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