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How to site the slaughter house?

Source: Time,Time:2015-08-22 16:42:44

Three requirements:

Study and start slaughtering live poultry, poultry is the highlight of the transaction to restart. The municipal government requirements, select the existing mechanical poultry slaughterhouse and large breeding, aquaculture enterprises slaughter conditions, construction of slaughtering point.

The existing poultry slaughter is mainly mechanical and manual two, the slaughter point, can do only about 10000 per hour.

The slaughter point address election where the layout, scale and use standard to determine how that will be reported in accordance with procedures, to the municipal government after the implementation of the quasi ratio.

But whether it is the use of existing or new location, slaughter point, will meet three requirements:

1 stay away from crowded areas

2 far away from the water source protection area

3 meet the requirements of animal epidemic prevention

For example, can not be too close to the existing breeding base in order to reduce the risk of poultry epidemic prevention.


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