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Broiler slaughter and processing process

Source: Time,Time:2015-08-22 16:44:03

One, broiler slaughter and processing process flow diagram

Hang to water bath to assassinate, blood, hemp electricity scalding, hair removal, manual cleaning short hair chicken on


The water collecting room into the feather feather

To cut, hanging, Ripper claw, cutting, cutting head, visceral carcass cleaning, pre cooling, carcass drain


Processing of internal organs

The carcass is hung up, divided, sorting, packing, packing, quick freezing, and packing.

Cold storage and sales

Two, broiler slaughter and processing technology

1, hair chicken delivery

(1), truck front should claim origin of animal epidemic prevention supervision agency issuing the certificate, and clinical observation car, no abnormal, line card goods allowed to unload.

(2), will be equipped with gross chicken coops from the truck carrying down, on the platform of the chicken hang, quarantine personnel on-site inspection, inspection qualified health gross chicken coop on the conveyor of the chicken coop, transported to the gross chicken hanging.

(3), the hair and the slaughter of chickens and the strict separation between the workshop, the design of the dark as far as possible, to avoid the glare of light, resulting in excessive tension on the wings of Mao chicken.

(4), chicken coop hanging staff from holding the chicken belly out of Mao chicken, then two feet hanging on the rack on the production line. Per hour can be linked to each of the chickens hanging hair chicken 800-1000 only.

(5), empty cages by the conveyor automatic conveying into the chicken coop cleaning cleaning, cleaning clean cages by coop chute slide to the unloading platform of chicken.

2, broiler slaughter hair removal

(1), chicken slaughter an overhead conveyor line to complete the main process: gross chicken hang, water bath type hemp electricity, assassination, sugar, hot hair, hair removal, cutting claws, rotary hanging.

(2), overhead transmission line pylon spacing: 6 inches (152.4mm), using standard drive chain, chain pitch t=25.4mm, frequency control, design of production line of slaughter line, production capacity and the linear speed of the closely related, the linear velocity formula: line speed = when yield (A / h) * pylon spacing (m) 83019 (60 minutes / hour)

For example: design capacity: 3000 / hour, rack spacing: 152.4mm

The production line of the line speed: 3000 x 0.1524 meters / hour / 60 minutes / hour =7.62 M / min.

(3) chickens, hemp electricity usually adopts water bath type electric Ma, Ma electric voltage: 70-90v, Ma electric time: 2-3s. Or not through the Ma electric process, the use of hair on the chicken after the automatic transmission through the elevated transmission line 1min, so that after the hair chicken calm down and then assassination.

(4) after the assassination, chicken blood, bleeding time of general design for the 3-4min. Hot hair time: 40-60s, hair removal time: 15-30s.

(5), hot hair using a constant temperature ironing machine, hot hair temperature: 58-62. Try to use hair hanging hair removal, avoid cross infection caused by mutual contact of carcass.

(6), in 90. Automatic cutting machine claw at the bend of a design, cut claw machine is composed of a positioning wheel, drive, rotary blade, cutting chicken feet, chicken feet and discharge by the claw is unloaded into collected inside the bus.

3, cut open dig offal

(1), chicken Ripper dig offal line is mainly to complete the process overhead conveyor: disembowelling, dig offal, cutting head, carcass cleaning etc..

(2) the overhead transmission line hook spacing: 8 inches (203.2mm), using the standard drive chain, chain pitch t=25.4mm, variable frequency speed regulation.

(3), will be pulled out of the internal organs into the chute of the visceral, by quarantine inspection personnel, inspection of the chicken carcass into the next procedure, inspection of chicken offal into visceral processing processing, unqualified carcass and viscera into closed car out of slaughter workshop processing.

(4), visceral by separating out, chicken by cleaning up after cold storage in the refrigerator, chicken gizzards with chicken gizzards degreasing machine to chicken gizzards surface grease off, again by stripping machine of gizzard skin to peel off the gizzard skin, cleaning after finishing in cold storage in the refrigerator.

(5), the eviscerated carcass must be cleaned in the pre cooling before the removal of blood in the body.

4, pre cooling

(1), pre cooling pool cooling and spiral cooling cooling, cooling pool occupied area than the pre cooler cooling to.

(2), pre cooling water temperature: 0-2 degrees C, pre cooling time: 45min.

(3), good pre cooling to drain through the carcass machine or overhead conveyor line in the water drain.

(4) the chicken carcass center temperature is below 10.

5, split packaging

(1), split overhead transmission line hook spacing: 8 inches (203.2mm), using the standard drive chain, chain pitch t=25.4mm, variable frequency speed regulation.

(2), in the overhead transmission line has the division operator to segment the different parts of meat, the meat on the plate conveyor to transport to the sorting station for sorting.

(3), the sorting site of the meat according to the requirements of weighing packaging in vacuum, into the tray to freeze with cold meat rack car onto the frozen library (- 30 DEG C) and freeze or to the product cooling (0 to 4 DEG C) preservation.

(4) the frozen product tray after the box, into the cold storage (-18 C) storage.

(5) the division of the packaging room temperature control: 10-15.


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