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Advantages of 70 type stainless steel tube hair removal machine

Source: Time,Time:2015-08-22 16:46:19

Our company specializing in the production of hair removal machine, the following to introduce you to one of our very practical hair removal machine.

Type 70 stainless steel tube type hair removal machine performance is powerful, can quickly take off all kinds of animal feathers. Convenient and quick, save labor, large output. Can greatly save your cost, is very suitable for small groups to use a device. This machine is a small equipment, suitable for family business equipment. In the farms, restaurants, canteens, essential small household poultry depilating machine machine.

Can be processed poultry, dove, quail, chicken. Other poultry. Our products are now living in an indispensable device. The price is cheap, the internal use glue stick hair removal, hair removal effect is good. Does not have any damage to the skin of poultry. Is a very mature technology equipment.

A hair machine is equivalent to ten manual pull hair, also can be in addition to the net chicken and small poultry depilation machine duck skin pores and all the dirt, which is simple and convenient, cleanly, an hour can depilatory 200 - 500, ham feathers can sold dry to increase revenue, the use of this machine is indeed your hard-working rich ideal equipment.

We will continue to improve their own, in order to stabilize the product quality, and thoughtful sales service to return the new and old customers.

Our contact phone is 0536--6480866, welcome to call the City Chaoyang Machinery Co., ltd..


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