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Common problems and solutions of modern broiler slaughter house

Source: Time,Time:2015-08-22 16:44:48

According to the broiler slaughter and processing, the production process, I brought together many modern broiler slaughtering plants common problems and technical point of view, puts forward some measures to solve these problems, to these broiler slaughter widely to produce more high-quality chicken products and to the greatest extent provided high chicken production.

One broiler feed

Broiler slaughter stopped feeding time is too short is a common problem. Short stop time will lead to feed residues in chicken crop and gizzard, which not only cause feed waste, can also cause broilers in catch chicken and transportation process of stress and Chicken Dead Amoy rate increase. At the same time, the digestive tract content too much will cause the probability of microbial contamination of chicken products higher, but also because the production line running slow, stop and rework to reduce the efficiency of the work. Broilers from the stop to the slaughter of the best time is 8 ~ 10 hours.

Two to be slaughtered

In order to ensure the maximum yield of chicken, the loss of weight loss should be less than 0.5% before slaughter. Therefore, in the design to be the kill zone, you need to consider installing exhaust fan and spray system as possible to reduce chicken's stress level and meet the requirement of animal welfare. When the outside temperature exceeds 24 degrees, the spraying system is used when the outside temperature is more than 28. At the same time, we also need to do a good job to ensure that the chicken only in the area to be slaughtered as much as possible to shorten the time. After the arrival of the transport to the slaughter is half an hour is appropriate, the chickens from the loading to unloading the chicken during the mortality rate of less than 0.25%.

Three uninstall

In some broiler slaughter zone, we often see the old chicken basket and run chickens. Old chicken baskets often cause damage and loss of meat production. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the chicken basket is the most basic work.

Four hanging chicken

Broiler slaughtering plant common hanging chickens is hanging chicken area illumination intensity is too large, not installed retaining plastron, one leg hanging chicken, production line not hanging with chickens only grasping and manipulation of chicken incorrect etc..

1 light intensity is too large

Hung chicken regional light intensity over the General Assembly led to the chicken only activity too good to reduce the production of meat and the quality of the original rate. In order to reduce the stress level of chickens, we require the installation of shading facilities to form a dark hanging chicken area.

2 a chicken with one leg

One leg hanging chickens caused by the injury is more serious, such as bleeding can lead to dislocation of thigh.

3 no stopping plate

No stopping because of severe chicken breast caused by flapping wings appear blood spots and congestion. In order to effectively restrict the activities and reduce the damage of chicken wings, we need to install retaining plate.

4 production line is not covered with chicken

The production line if not covered with chicken, will cause the electric shock net at voltage instability and inadequate and so on. Therefore, we ask the production line to hang full of chickens.

5 grasp the chicken gimmick is not correct

If the way to catch the chicken is not correct, the more serious the chicken, the greater the power to spend more. Hanging chicken, friction drag and drop in chicken feet redness, catch chicken pressure caused by joint redness of Fu, all pressure is exerted on the pipa legs lead to congestion.

Correct chicken scratch method is to catch the chicken instead of catching chicken intestine joint, all forces exerted on the part of the chicken, chicken feet no drag and drop of pressure, chicken feet will not damage.

Five shock, slaughter and blood

In broiler slaughtering plants, electric shock, and blood shall be slaughtered as a process to consider. Usually need to consider the different areas of the slaughter methods and animal welfare principles.

1 shocks

The common electric shock problem in the chicken slaughter house is that the chicken is only over electric shock or electric shock. Excessive electric shock will lead to more chickens are damaged, meat with blood and reduce the quality of the original rate, it will lead to difficulties in hair removal. Lack of electric shock caused by the death of chickens before struggling serious, resulting in redness or damage to the wings, and even more artificial to kill.

The following measures can be taken to effectively solve the problem of electric shock: in order to solve the problem of falling off and multiple electric shocks, the equipment can be installed on both sides of a shock guide rod. The installation of the spray head, to the feet of water spray, can increase the conductivity of the feet of the chicken, thereby improving the shock effect. Do a good job in the water management of the shock trough, the appropriate amount of water will make the head of the tank can be immersed in the water and will not overflow, will be conducive to the completion of the chicken only electric shock. The appropriate electric current and electric shock time, adjusting shocks set to each chicken in 20 ~ 40 Ma of current intensity and appropriate shock time to reduce the shock damage.

2 killed and blood

If the broiler slaughter process properly, will cause the chicken too much struggle and damage the wings.

In order to ensure sufficient blood of broilers, broiler slaughter requirements after blood to the right time. Blood is not sufficient to produce waste products will yield the most direct loss. Only the chicken body weight of 3% to release accounted for 3.5% in the whole process of blood sugar. The time is not too long to increase the blood volume of the release, it will lead to hair removal difficult.

A common problem is the chicken slaughtering factory killing time is too long, such as "three pronged off" blood more than 3 minutes. Usually, the "right time killing three prong off" is 90 ~ 120 seconds, "kill the right side" killing time is 120 to 150 seconds.

Six dip hot and hair removal

In most of our country, the water temperature is 61 to 59 degrees Celsius, and the time is 90 to 40 seconds. Although this immersion temperature can quickly kill the water of Escherichia coli, but also damage the chicken skin tissue and collagen, a direct result of the weight of the chicken skin damage and the ability to reduce moisture. Excessive immersion is the main cause of the most serious loss of meat production in the slaughter house.

In good hair removal.


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