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Dip bath

Dip bath

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Automatic temperature control and water immersion bath

Name:Automatic temperature control and water immersion bath

      Shandong Province Zhucheng City Zhaoyang Machinery Co., Ltd. insist for a long time "to improve customer satisfaction, maintain the credibility of enterprises in this" principle, in an effort to improve product quality at the same time, active group of excellent technical service environment. From the production, installation, commissioning, to the product after-sales service, the sun has sought to do the best! Company with advanced computer management system and perfect measurement and detection means, strict quality control, manufactured products in line with the national food hygiene law and export commodity inspection standards. Manufacturing company is the production of spray hot pool all the thickness is 2mm stainless steel plate bending welding, the machine with steam heating, the provided water spray type mixing, the hot rolled under uniform, the hot hair effect is more completely and evenly, on both sides of the cover and the upper cover are with a thickness of 1mm stainless steel plate production and, provided part of the water a 2mm thick stainless steel plate bending and welding and.
Immersion bath / each equipped with power: water extraction motor 2, a single power of 3kw.
Technical parameter:
Hot hair rate 100%, hot residual rate of 1%, the water temperature according to the chicken age 56 - 59 degrees, hot hair time 2 - 3 minutes. Exterior dimension: 1000 * 2200 * 7000

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